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Restaurant Golden Blitz | Str. Razoare, nr. 32, S6, Bucuresti | Tel. 021 410 51 00

About Golden Blitz

Golden Blitz did not set out to write history, but this restaurant in Bucharest, which was not even centrally located,  woke up more than any other involved in social and even political life. Almost overnight became an urban legend, a place that even peoplewho have not crossed the threshold is talking about

Legendary specialties

We carefully preserved the authentic recipes and now we can offer you the same legendary, timeless dishes: smoked pork ham shanks and cabbage, sărmăluțe (rolls of vine leaves filled with mixed minced meat), cooked bell peppers filled with meat and our famous mititei (grilled minced meat fingers with spices).

Muzica Live

Legenda urbană care s-a țesut în mod natural în jurul restaurantului Golden Blitz consemnează toți eroii principali: mâncarea excepțional de gustoasă, vinul bun, atmosfera veselă și relaxată și decorul îmbietor.

Muzica live și spectacole artistice sunt garantat de cea mai bună calitate.

panorame-enThe Capital has continuously been changing it’s appearance. New metal and glass buildings rise, reflecting the trembling tree crowns, the squirming crowds always in a hurry, the lively buzz of the city.

Golden Blitz has not set for writing history. And yet, this restaurant in Bucharest, not even central, found itself involved in Romania’s social and even political life more than any other. It became, almost overnight, an urban legend, a place talked about even by people who never crossed its threshold.

Now, after an absence of almost 3 years, Golden Blitz is back on the Bucharest scenery, ready to be part of this ever-changing universe, to answer new challenges, to be enjoyable to the nowadays townsmen – more dynamic, demanding, cosmopolitan and sophisticated – but also to bring upon a nostalgic smile through the dishes that once made it famous and accompany them with music of the old days.

The Golden Blitz evolves with contemporary Bucharest. We welcome you to join us in writing a new legend on refined dishes and a charming ambiance, on accomplished musicians or rising stars, on old wines and latest oenology trends, but – more importantly – on beautiful moments spent here, which you will fondly remember as chapters of your own life story.