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Dishes that made history

Golden Blitz won it’s reputation due to certain dishes from the traditional Romanian cuisine. We carefully preserved the original recipes and now we can offer you the same legendary, timeless dishes: smoked pork ham shanks and cabbage, sărmăluțe (rolls of vine leaves filled with mixed minced meat), cooked bell peppers filled with meat and our famous mititei (grilled minced meat fingers with spices).

Food news: international cuisine with a Romanian touch

Golden Blitz has been deeply related to the contemporary Bucharest living, and our city does not fall victim to nostalgia, does not live in the past and does not limit itself to tradition. That is why the menu and the atmosphere of our restaurant evolved with the city and the tastes of its inhabitants. Our young and talented chef, Andrei Bald, had a very ambitious mission: to create culinary specialties that would become emblematic for the Golden Blitz of today, combining the local and the international (especially the Mediterranean) cuisines.

Veal osso bucco with gnocchi and cherry tomatoes

The new culinary flagships of Golden Blitz:

Veal osso bucco with gnocchi and cherry tomatoes on the side

A modern interpretation of the Romanian fresh ham, with carefully selected meat, now prepared using the latest culinary technology: pre- cooking by steaming in individual, vacuumed wrapping to ensure the meat stays soft and succulent, then roasting on fast fire to create a golden crust and slightly melt the bone marrow, transforming it into a savory sauce. The siding made of gnocchi, cherry tomatoes and Italian herbs emphasize the taste of the veal and complete, in simple ingredients, a contemporary culinary work of art.

Lamb ham shank cooked in the oven, with eggplant caponata, grilled mămăligă and rosemary sauce

The lamb meat, with it’s spring taste (as we traditionally associate it with the Easter meal), gets added savor, softness and succulence by being first steamed in individual, vacuumed wrapping, then quickly roasted on high fire. The lamb shank, highly appreciated by the conaisseurs of the traditional cuisine is now a welcoming host for Italian friends, close relatives of some Romanian dishes. The Sicilian caponata, cousin to our eggplant zacusca, comes to tell her story from faraway lands; mămăliga, polenta’s sibling, is filled with the joy of meeting such guests and the rosemary sauce add the high notes to a genuine feast.

Ciupercile proaspete de pădure tocmai se transformă într-un soté delicios

Calf liver in the oven with onion sauce, fried polenta and sautéed forest mushrooms.

Cooked to the precise point when it is still succulent without being juicy, cooked but not crispy and it reaches the epitome of taste, the calf liver is especially savory when accompanied by a sweet onion sauce, a piece of golden mămăligă and a flavored mix of sautéed forest mushrooms and champignons. Basic ingredients in our traditional cuisine, now in a sophisticated mix that brings delight through taste, flavor, texture and looks.

Veal sirloin with fennel, rucola, parmesan and gremolata

You’re probably asking yourself what is the Romanian touch to this dish. Well, it’s just our traditional pleasure to eat well. Andrei Bald, our young and ambitious Chef, played the card of cosmopolitan delicacies and introduced in the menu this combination of Mediterranean ingredients in quantities known by him only. When we asked him what was the national touch here, he answered: “Romanians love to eat well. That is why they adapted and localized Turkish, Greek, French and German dishes that they prepare following their own taste.” Can anyone contradict him? The “sarmale”, the “ciulama”, the zacusca, the “volovan” (vol-au-vent), the schnitzel or the apple pie were foreign dish concepts around which Romanian creativity embroidered countless versions. One has to taste this specialty you will not find in any of the Italian restaurants in Bucharest (unless they will eventually get inspired by us). The veal has never had better companions, aside rucola: the delicate fennel and the fresh gremolata ( a mix of capers, parsley and lemon peel), all powdered with fine parmesan cheese.

Pork sirloin with potato and onion tart, forest mushrooms sauté and tarragon

Pork sirloin with potato and onion tart, sautéed forest mushrooms  and tarragon

There are no ingredients more loved by the Romanian cuisine than these! Pork sirloin, potatoes, onions, fresh forest mushrooms and the tarragon, so appreciated by the people of Transylvania… You must be asking yourself now, as one fond of dainties, where is the Mediterranean influence in this? Our Master Chef got his inspiration from the Spanish tortilla de patatas, but took the egg out of the equation. The potatoes, cut in fine slices, are pre- boiled for a few minutes, accompanied by the onions a la julienne and then turned into a beautifully baked tart. The star is, however, the pork sirloin, pre- baked in steam in a vacuumed wrapping and passed through the heat of the oven together with the spices that suit it so well. This culinary work of art is crowned by the delicate aroma of the forest mushrooms and the tarragon sauce. The specialty has a “je ne sais quoi” you will have to discover and define for yourself.